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Eco-friendly printing papers

Eco-friendly printing papers
We are more aware than ever before of the effects our daily lives have on our environment. With this in mind, many of us are actively looking for ways that we can reduce our impact on the world around us.
There are many ways we can help create an eco-friendlier planet, and looking and your printing choices is a great place to start. Through managed forestry, paper is actually a great recyclable and renewable material, but there are negative impacts because of the paper life cycle too. There are many steps that can be taken to reduce this impact both in businesses and our personal lives.
Recycling is one of the hugely important ways we can minimise paper pollution on our planet. We all need to make a conscious effort to recycle consistently and shine a positive light on the businesses that are taking these greener steps.
Here at OnTime Print, we’re committed to being a part of supporting the world’s forests and doing our bit for the environment. By working with certified suppliers, we can provide our customers with products that are environmentally approved such as business cards, compliment slips, letterheads, flyerslabels and more. This is something we are passionate about and we will continue to help reduce our carbon footprint in the ways that are possible for our business.
Eco Friendly Print
Certified Suppliers
We use both FSC and PEFC to ensure the paper we use for our environmentally friendly products has been obtained in a sustainable way.
Paper made from FSC accredited pulp comes from well-maintained and managed forests. This is certified according to the Forest Stewardship Council. PEFC are also an independently verified assurance that ensure people are buying wood from managed and sustainable forests.
The benefits of eco-friendly paper
  • Help deforestation
As thousands of trees are felled each and every year, this takes away the natural homes of many animals in these logging areas. By choosing paper from a sustainable supplier or a forest that is well-maintained, these areas of land can be preserved.
  • Reduce Waste
By using recycled paper products to make eco-friendly paper, it produces less waste during the process.
  • Reduction in logging
Eco-friendly paper is either created from recycled products to make new paper products, or it has been manufactured from using trees sources from a certified supplier. This means they are sustained and managed with new trees being replanted.
Choosing to print on recycled paper has improved over the years and the result can be the same as using new virgin paper. The cost has even come in-line with average paper prices due to the growing demands of consumers becoming more environmentally friendly. Over time we can only imagine this demand will grow and we will be able to print more with recycled and sustainable materials.
Take a look at the products we offer with the option of an eco-friendly choice, we can assure the quality will be on par. If you would like some more information of our eco-friendly paper options, get in touch, or alternatively you can visit FSC or PEFC to see the certified suppliers we use!




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Eco-friendly printing papers

Here at OnTime Print, we’re committed to being a part of supporting the world’s forests and doing our bit for the environment.