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Personalised Christmas Chocolates

From £0.14+vat

Personalised Belgian Chocolates 4.5g

From £0.27 each

Fruit Hard Candies in Bags (3g)

From £0.05

Lollipops in personalised paper bags

From £0.14

Pyramid Lollipops

From £0.26

Cube Lollipops

From £1.73 to £0.16+vat/ each

Small Chocolate Box

From £1.56 to £0.99+vat

Decorated Chocolate with Reindeer

From £5.03

Christmas Gingerbread Star

From £0.61 to £2.46+vat

Christmas Cookies in Tin Cans

From £5.53 +vat

Christmas Chocolate Characters

From £0.77 +vat

Chocolate Christmas Tree

From £3.63+vat

Business Card Holder with Personalised Chocolate

From £2.76 +vat

Mercury Chocolate Box

From £9.05 +vat

Jupiter Chocolate Box

From £12.78 +vat

Dione Chocolate Box

From £10.52 +vat

Marzipan Premium Chocolate Box

From £19.88 +vat

Chocolate Snowflake Set

From £3.22 to £1.70+vat

Chocolate Advent Calendar

From £6.62 to £2.54+vat

Large Advent Calendar

From £15.20 to £6.50+vat

Truck Advent Calendar

From £7.70 to £3.01+vat

Bus Advent Calendar

From £7.70 to £3.14+vat

Fire Truck Advent Calendar

From £7.70to £3.01+vat

Gingerbread House Advent Calendar

From £7.10 to £3.39+vat

House Advent Calendar

From £17.50 to £7.33 +vat

Christmas Fantasy Chocolate

From £2.34 to £1.62 +vat

Chocolate Christmas Tree with Hazelnuts

From £3.89 to £2.15 +vat

Christmas Tree with Hazelnuts in Wood

From £6.41 to £5.62 +vat

Snowflake Chocolate

From £2.34 to £1.38 +vat

Christmas Tree Chocolate Gift

From £2.98 to £1.16 +vat

10 Bells Chocolate Box

From £2.84 to £1.92 +vat

Elegance Christmas Tree Chocolate Box

From £8.28 to £5.68 +vat

Choco Christmas Box

From £11.00 to £7.06 +vat

Christmas Chocolate

From £4.26 to £2.94 +vat

Christmas Greeting Card with chocolate

From £2.43 to £0.99 +vat

Choco Elegance

From £13.16 to £9.41 +vat

Orchid Mini Box

From £3.83 to £2.32 +vat

Bermuda Chocolate Box

From £3.12 to £1.88 +vat

Capri Box

From £7.00 to £2.98 +vat

Bakallino Box

From £6.32 to £2.19 +vat

Saturn Chocolate Box

From £8.70 to £4.62 +vat

Sweet & Spicy

From £11.10 to £7.64 +vat

Personalised Wooden Box with Chocolates

From £9.15 to £8.27 +vat
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