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One of the easiest ways to entice people to your event stand is by giving away promotional chocolates and personalised sweets. Tiny tasty treats, branded with your company name, are the perfect giveaway for tradeshows, conventions, corporate events, and exhibitions, and when done right, it will keep your customers coming back for more. In the OnTime Print Personalised Sweets Collection, you’ll find Corporate Branded Sweets, Promotional Belgian Chocolates, Printed Lollipops, Sweet Giveaways, and a variety of custom printed confectionary that will make your business that little bit sweeter. Contact us today to discuss your promotional candy requirements.

Personalised Belgian Chocolates 4.5g

From £0.27 each

Fruit Hard Candies in Bags (3g)

From £0.05

Lollipops in personalised paper bags

From £0.14

Pyramid Lollipops

From £0.26

Cube Lollipops

From £1.73 to £0.16+vat/ each

Small Chocolate Box

From £1.56 to £0.99+vat

Decorated Chocolate with Reindeer

From £5.03

Christmas Gingerbread Star

From £0.61 to £2.46+vat

Christmas Cookies in Tin Cans

From £5.53 +vat

Christmas Chocolate Characters

From £0.77 +vat

Chocolate Christmas Tree

From £3.63+vat

Business Card Holder with Personalised Chocolate

From £2.76 +vat

Mercury Chocolate Box

From £9.05 +vat

Jupiter Chocolate Box

From £12.78 +vat

Dione Chocolate Box

From £10.52 +vat

Marzipan Premium Chocolate Box

From £19.88 +vat

Chocolate Snowflake Set

From £3.22 to £1.70+vat

Chocolate Advent Calendar

From £6.62 to £2.54+vat

Large Advent Calendar

From £15.20 to £6.50+vat

Truck Advent Calendar

From £7.70 to £3.01+vat

Bus Advent Calendar

From £7.70 to £3.14+vat

Fire Truck Advent Calendar

From £7.70to £3.01+vat

Gingerbread House Advent Calendar

From £7.10 to £3.39+vat

House Advent Calendar

From £17.50 to £7.33 +vat

Christmas Fantasy Chocolate

From £2.34 to £1.62 +vat

Chocolate Christmas Tree with Hazelnuts

From £3.89 to £2.15 +vat

Christmas Tree with Hazelnuts in Wood

From £6.41 to £5.62 +vat

Snowflake Chocolate

From £2.34 to £1.38 +vat

Christmas Tree Chocolate Gift

From £2.98 to £1.16 +vat

Small Brick with Chocolate Stars

From £1.39 to £0.93 +vat

10 Bells Chocolate Box

From £2.84 to £1.92 +vat

Elegance Christmas Tree Chocolate Box

From £8.28 to £5.68 +vat

Choco Christmas Box

From £11.00 to £7.06 +vat

Christmas Gift Chocolate

From £4.99 to £3.95 +vat

Christmas Chocolate

From £4.26 to £2.94 +vat

Christmas Greeting Card with chocolate

From £2.43 to £0.99 +vat

Choco Elegance

From £13.16 to £9.41 +vat

Orchid Mini Box

From £3.83 to £2.32 +vat

Bermuda Chocolate Box

From £3.12 to £1.88 +vat

Capri Box

From £7.00 to £2.98 +vat

Bakallino Box

From £6.32 to £2.19 +vat

Saturn Chocolate Box

From £8.70 to £4.62 +vat

Sweet & Spicy

From £11.10 to £7.64 +vat

Personalised Wooden Box with Chocolates

From £9.15 to £8.27 +vat
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