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How to create the perfect poster

Posters are a great way to promote your business or brand, helping you to send out a message in a fun and creative way. The possibilities are endless when you make a poster and it can be as simple or as detailed as you want. You can provoke emotions with one simple word or illustration, or attract and engage an audience with a bold design and interesting text.
Although creating a poster can be exciting, it can also be frustrating if you’ve got a blank canvas and no inspiration. We’ve all had a creative block before, but don’t let it stop you from experimenting. If you’re trying to create a poster and don’t know where to start, we have some tips to help you create something that will make people turn their heads.
Poster guide
1. Plan it out
A blank document can be daunting to the most qualified designers at times. You need to have a plan or an idea in mind before you get started. Making it look great takes skill, but thinking of an interesting idea that can grab people’s attention takes creativity. You need to think about what your poster is for, what you want it to convey, who is the target audience and if you want an overall theme.
2. Eye-catching
The main purpose of a poster is to stand out. You want people to see it from a fair distance without having to squint or just walk on by. You need to consider the headline and the main message you want to get across – make sure this is in largest font. Any other details can be in a smaller font.
The main thing to remember is keep the fonts consistent and use the size to create a clear idea of the main point. You can convey a lot through a font, and sometimes if the font is good enough, the poster won’t need anything else!
3. Use large images
A dominant image is more eye-catching and attractive than loads of smaller images clustered together. You want to grab people’s attention as well as make it viewable from a distance.
4. Negative Space
Using blank space can be extremely effective and have a great visual impact as the more minimal the design, the easier it is to take the information in with a single glance.
5. Call to action
Remember the main goal of your poster, it is most likely to be advertising something. Don’t forget to put a call to action or incorporate your logo and URL.
6. Size and location
Where is your poster going to be on display? You need to know this before deciding the size and ratio of the design.
If the design is all too much and you would rather leave it to someone else, we have a design studio at OnTime Print and use stock images at no extra cost to our customers. Once the design is complete, we can print them and have them available to you within a 48-hour turnaround!
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How to create the perfect poster
Posters are a great way to promote your business or brand, Here are few tips helping you to send out a message in a fun and creative way.
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